Why a cowhide rug?

In our last article we talked about the top reasons for using an area rug. Among many different possible options for area rugs, today we will analyze why cowhide rugs should be at the top of your considerations.  

Endless possibilities

Cowhide rugs can combine patches of different colors and shapes, so design possibilities are really infinite. They adapt very well to any décor style of your home like modern, western, minimalistic, classic, etc.   

Touch and feel

The sensation of touching a cowhide rug is absolutely unique and is by far superior to any synthetic material. Cowhide rugs are really exceptionally soft and nice.   


They will make your home cozier without any doubt and will provide a warm, smooth, and comfortable place to rest your feet.  


Cowhide rugs are made with chrome tanned cowhides that are professionally tanned, which make them extremely durable and can last many years.

Sustainable sourced  

All hides used in the production of our rugs come from animal farming for food consumption. These hides are professionally and ethically tanned. We feel very satisfied about selecting what is left over from the food industry. Leather is a 100% natural product, which comes from nature and will one day return to nature.

Easy maintenance

Cowhide rugs are easy to maintain and are naturally stain repellant. Simply vacuuming should be enough.  For common spills like coffee, juice, soup, wine, etc. just absorb the liquid with a paper towel or sponge. Liquid substances will hardly penetrate the cowhide rug. Only thing to pay attention for care and cleaning is to do not soak them. 


Cowhide rugs are known for being particularly hypoallergenic and can actually help to reduce the allergy pathogens floating around your home. On the other side, synthetic rugs normally trap different allergens in their fibers, including pollen, dust, pet hair, etc. that require professionally cleaning services from time to time; and this do not happen with cowhide rugs.