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We have been one of the leading wholesaler and exporter of cowhides from South America for the last 15 years. That gave us the ability to know how to select and handpick only the best leather and where to source different type of leather and hides. Then, with the assistance of talented Architects and Interior Designers we created beautiful and modern leather rugs and home décor items. Due to the large volume of leather we handle, we are able to have excellent costs and we transfer those savings to you. All our leather products are ethically handcrafted in our workshop in Cordoba, Argentina. And this country is famous for having the most brilliant and skilled leather artisans.


"Corium" means Leather in Latin, and Dec comes from "Decoratio" word in Latin that means decoration, so the meaning of our name is Leather Decoration. We wanted a name that was easy to pronounce in different languages in order to be a global trademark.


To be a global leader supplier of the finest leather home décor goods, which are reasonably priced, professionally designed and ethically handcrafted.