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How to view in your space our leather decor items.
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How to decide the proper rug sizes?

It can be challenging and time-consuming when it comes to house renovations, particularly for rugs and large carpets. Most people do not know this but choosing your new rug's right size can completely transform your whole room look. In this article, we will be looking at how you could choose the right rug sizes for your room.

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Why a cowhide rug?

In our last article we talked about the top reasons for using an area rug. Among many different possible options for area rugs, today we will analyze why cowhide rugs should be at the top of your considerations.  

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Top reasons for utilizing an area rug

Area rugs are extremely popular and are used over almost any kind of floor like porcelain tiles, hardwood, laminates, wall to wall carpets, etc. however you may wonder, why? The first answer that came to my mind when thinking about this is the way they look. So, the aesthetic is an especially important reason, nevertheless there are also many other advantages for using area rugs and here I detail some of them.  

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