Beige stripes cowhide rug

Beige stripes cowhide rug

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Beige cowhide rug of stripes pattern. Stripes have different widths and lengths. This cowhide area rug is a great choice for your home decoration, as it will make it more beautiful and cozier without any doubt! 

Size of 4 x 6 feet (122 x 183 cm.) Please select the right size for you, or contact us for customized dimensions.

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A high percentage of Architects and Interior Designers really love to include cowhide rugs in their projects, as they are very versatile and combine very well with any decor style like modern, western, minimalistic, classic, etc. What is more, the feeling of touching a cowhide rug is completely unique and is by far superior to any synthetic material. Cowhide rugs are really exceptionally soft and nice.

Our rugs are made with 100% genuine leather, and crafted with high quality and resistant zig-zag stitching.

Each cowhide rug is made from the best selected hair on cowhides, which are meticulously sorted and inspected one by one. Then the cowhides are cut, assembled and stitched with the finest craftsmanship techniques in order to have a masterpiece as the final result.

A light weight is put in each corner; besides a linear stitching is applied at the front edges and a reinforcement tape is stitched at backside perimeter in order to keep the rug flat to the floor. For the backing we use black fabric. The thickness of our cowhide rugs is approx.. 0.12 inch (3 mm.)

Free proofing service

We are going to send you photos of your custom made cowhide rug before we finish assembling and stitching it without any additional cost. You can ask us to change the position of some patches or change some patches for other ones, and we will follow your instructions. Once you approve it, the production of your rug will be finished. So, you can be totally sure that it will be made as you like.

Made to order

All our cowhide rugs are made to order and handcrafted in our workshop. Once you place your order, we will ship it in 4 to 5 weeks.

Free shipping & easy returns

All orders are shipped with DHL Worldwide Express for free. After we ship your order we will inform you a tracking number and once your order is shipped transit time to Continental US is 4 business days. We have an easy and simple return policy.


Variations in colors may occur as our cowhide rugs are made from natural style cowhides and they are still a natural product. There are not two cowhides exactly the same; each cowhide is unique. The pictures shown are reference photos. We are going to look forward to making your order as most similar as possible to the reference photos. Of anyways, please remember that we offer for free the photo proofing service described above, so you will be sure that your rug is made as per your requirements and preferences.


Plus / Minus 1 % variation in final dimensions may happen because of the stitching techniques.

You are not sure which cowhide rug is the right one for you?

A great tip that really helps is to take in count what is the decor style of the room where the rug will go and also pay attention to the style and colors of the furniture. With that information you will be able to filter rug patterns that fit with your use case. After that, select color combinations for your rug.

Complimentary visualization service

Do you want to see how some of our products would look in your room? If so, just fill in our contact form and select in subject request free photo/render visualization service. Then our graphic designer will contact you to ask you for a photo of your room and also some measurements of the space and the furniture in order to scale the render in a proper way. Please do not forget to mention the product or products that you are interested in and the size of them if applicable. After that, we will send you images of the product in your space.


You may find several of our blog articles helpful:

Delivery info
Delivery information

All orders are shipped with DHL Worldwide Express for free.

DHL Worldwide Express

Shipping prices and transit times:

 USA - Canada - Rest of America   Free shipping      4 business days
 Europe - UK - Russia  Free shipping       5 business days 
 Asia  Free shipping  6 business days 
 Australia - New Zealand - Worldwide   Free shipping  7 business days 

Once we ship your order, we are going to inform you a tracking number.

Care & cleaning

Our cowhides are highly resistant and durable. They are very easy to clean and maintain.

Here are some advices:

-  Vacuum or brush the cowhide regularly to remove dust and dry small particles of dirt.
-  Avoid direct sunlight exposure.
-  Please place your cowhide rug on a completely dry floor. After cleaning the floor sometimes some humidity remains, and placing your rug on top of this would make it absorb moisture. So always place your rug on a completely dry floor.
-  Rotating your rug from time to time is recommended.
-  Please be sure not to get the cowhide wet or damp.
-  Do not soak the cowhide or put into the washing machine.
-  For minor spills immediately absorb the liquid with a paper towel or sponge, then wipe smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp (but not too wet) sponge or cloth using a mild, soapy solution.
-  For mayor cleaning, you can steam clean your cowhide as long as you do not soak the leather backing.

Sustainably sourced

All hides used in the production of our leather goods come from animal farming for food consumption. These hides are professionally and ethically tanned. We feel very satisfied about selecting what is left over from the food industry. Leather is a 100% natural product, which comes from nature and will one day return to nature.


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Free shipping & easy returns

We ship through DHL Worldwide Express for free. We have an easy and simple return policy.

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If you have any specific requirement in size, shape, color or pattern, please contact us, we really love design challenges!

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